Prof.Boris Yakobson

Karl F. Hasselmann Chair in Engineering

Prof of Mater Sci & NanoEngineering

Prof of Chemistry

Rice University


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Biography: Boris I. Yakobson is an expert in theory and computational modeling of materials and nanostructures, of their synthesis, mechanics, defects and relaxation, transport, electronics, optics. Presently, Karl F. Hasselmann Endowed Chair in Engineering, professor of Materials Science and Nano-Engineering, and professor of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, Texas. Yakobson was born in Moscow (USSR), raised in Odessa (Ukraine), and obtained his first BS/MS degree in Novosibirsk (Russia). Received PhD 1982 in Physics and Applied Mathematics, from Russian Academy of Sciences. 1982-1989, Head of Theoretical Chemistry lab at the Institute of Solid Materials of the Russian Academy. 1990 Spring Semester in Columbia University, New York, Chemistry Department (with Bruce Berne), as a Visiting Scholar. 1990-1999, on the faculty of the Department of Physics, North Carolina State University, initially as a Visiting Scientist and later as Research Professor, with tenure. Yakobson’s 1995 study in nanoscale mechanics has eventually set off a close collaboration with Richard Smalley (Nobel Laureate, 1996), and in 1999 Yakobson joined Rice University, School of Engineering, to work in nanotechnology. (One aspect of that early study gave rise to what became known in literature “Yakobson Paradox”.) His research, sponsored over the years by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NASA, Department of Defense, Army Research Office, Air Force Research Laboratory and AFOSR, Office of Naval Research, DARPA, as well as private industry and foundations, resulted in over 400 publications and eight patents. Received US Department of Energy Hydrogen Program Award, Nano 50 Innovator Award from Nanotech Briefs (Boston), Royal Society (London) Professorship Award, US Department of Energy R & D Award, NASA Faculty Award, Outstanding Faculty Research Award (Engineering, Rice University). Yakobson has mentored a number of PhD students and postdoctoral associates, serves on the editorial boards of several journals and on steering committees.  

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